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The developers of sahl hasheesh

With sustainability at the center of its philosophy, ERC has worked closely with its world-class partners and sub-developers to lay the foundation for a dynamic community. As more and more real estate properties are developed and come online and as new world-class institutes, like our new research institution-HEPCA, open their doors, Sahl Hasheesh will come into its own as a center for leisure and innovation in Egypt and the region.


As part of the future land development strategy, a range of technical institutes, commercial and business opportunities are planned, as a means of protecting Sahl Hasheesh from downturn in one or more sectors and to establish a well-rounded community. It’s the combination of Sahl Hasheesh’s pristine natural environment and the high standard and quality of development that provides a compelling and attractive package for investors, home owners and businesses. A range of luxurious real estate options are on offer for first and second home buyers. Simply click on the relevant sub-link (right), to explore a range of luxury lifestyle products on offer within Sahl Hasheesh



on the beach live with my samsung s2 in hd…..


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