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The Illusive Missing Mubarak Fortunes

 In August 2012, the report‘Illicit Financial Flows from Africa: Hidden Resource for Development’ involving the High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial that was formed in 2011 by African finance ministers found that amongst the countries U.S$70.5bn illegally left Egypt. How much more has left the country since the January 25 2011 Revolution once the elite realized they were losing ground is another question to a long list of questions.

Now Ahram Online reveals part of the corruption amongst the much esteemed judiciary, that involved blocking the hunt for the Mubarak fortune much needed by the country right now.

The ‘blame game’ is too frequently played serving as a vehicle for the accuser to remove themselves from all responsibility, one that has come to the surface amongst the prestigious Egyptian judiciary forcing a split that has led to the undermining of the country’s first draft…

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