Sahl hasheesh the new Egyptian Rivera

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Creative Hourneys

You’ll find all kinds of activities listed below, including exploring the desert city of Dubai, seeing iconic sights like the Pyramids, the Dead Sea, and the Nile River, or going on an unforgettable South Africa safari. Join us for this tour of the Top 25 Things to Do in Africa and the Middle East!
1. Explore the desert near Dubai

4×4 Dubai Desert Safari

Exploring Dubai wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the desert, so take a 4×4 Dubai Desert Safari, where you’ll get to live out your own Arabian Nights fantasy, crossing the desert plains on a camel, careening downhill on a sand board and getting your own traditional henna tattoo.
Or why not complete the adventure by sleeping beneath the stars on a Private Overnight Safari: Sandboarding, Camel Ride, BBQ Dinner and Belly Dancing where you can even opt to smoke a shisha (a traditional water pipe) and…

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