Sahl hasheesh the new Egyptian Rivera

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I’m in Egypt! 🙂 I’m in Egypt while I’m in Dubai. How could it be? There’s an Egyptian-inspired place here in Dubai and it is in Wafi City, I got curious of the place so I got my mission: to search for the pharaoh statue and see myself with it in the picture.

Upon visiting Wafi, a pyramid-like structure welcomed me.

And coming closer to that triangular building, I noticed the artistic Egyptian design etched on the wall. How fascinating, isn’t it? Or maybe, I’m the only one fascinated about it. :p

The way to Wafi Center (a shopping mall) led us the the one I’m looking for: the pharaoh statue!!! See it? I got a picture of myself with the pharaoh. Mission accomplished. :p

Welcome to Pyramids!!!

The way from Wafi Center to the Egyptian-themed attraction:

Wafi Center’s artistic ceiling:

And we were able to watch the sound and light…

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