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Egypt My Love

The BBC reported a few days ago that there is a possibility the Tomb of Tutankhamun will be closed – the reason is that the breath of the visitors to the tomb are damaging what the heat of the desert has protected for so long – see video 21089027 

Breath ‘disaster’ at King Tut tomb

 —-having an irresistible fascination for me, I went to visit Tutankhamun’s tomb every time I visited Egypt. In March of  2012, my friend Aiman, who is an Egyptologist, mentioned that they are thinking of closing the tomb. I hoped that he was wrong, and I still hope that they will find a way not to bury Tutankhamun again.

Besides seeing his mummy – he is the only pharaoh who is still in his tomb – this is part of what we would miss –

monkey - tutenkhamun

—– beautifully painted baboons, which were part of Ancient Egypt’s religious symbolism, decorate one of the…

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