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Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Cairo.

Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Cairo.

More than two years have passed since Egypt’s 2011 Revolution, and the country is still feeling the effects.  Images shown around the world of the violence in Cairo’s Tahrir Square both during the uprising and after have had a profoundly negative impact on the country’s reputation, causing people worldwide to believe that the entire country is dangerous now. This is not true. Egypt is approximately 385,000 square miles in size.  The majority of the violence which still sporadically occurs is in an approximately one-square-mile area in downtown Cairo.   The rest of Cairo remains perfectly safe as does the rest of the country, from the Mediterranean city of Alexandria to the tombs and temples of Luxor and Aswan, from the Red Sea beaches of the Sinai to the pyramids which give the country its signature skyline.

Should You Travel to Egypt Now?

Travel to Egypt now…

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