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A few weeks ago the lovely Cultureur asked me to develop a post about the common myths/stereotypes I’ve come across about Egypt/Egyptians. After living in Egypt for four years I’ve heard my fair share, so here’s my effort at debunking some of them below…

1) All Egyptians are Muslims. While the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, they’re not all far-right leaning when it comes to religion or politics. Many Egyptian Muslims are moderates and observe the teachings of the Quran, but may not be veiled, bearded or adhere to strict dietary/social guidelines. In addition to Muslims, Coptic Christians make up 10% of Egypt’s population and there’s a small percentage of Jewish citizens in the country as well.

2) Egypt is an under-developed country. In terms of development Egypt is a middle-income country. Though there are high levels of poverty in parts of Upper and Lower Egypt, infrastructure is good for…

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