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Egyptian Food…… like I promised

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Living in Hurghada, Egypt: the in's & out's

I hate it when you go on holiday and what they have on offer is everything you can find at home, but what I really hate more, and can’t understand, is people who go on holiday and eat what they eat at home.

For me, when traveling it’s not just about the place or country but it’s also about the culture, getting out and about to see the place, meet the people and of course to eat what they eat! I wouldn’t go to India, for example, and order a burger and fries, so why, when people come to Egypt they still eat pizza…?!?!?

I’m going to tell you about authentic Egyptian dishes that you should eat when you visit Egypt, because without eating them or trying them, you have never really had an Egyptian experience, well thats what I think anyways!

Lets start with breakfast:

Fuul: a typical Egyptian…

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