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The El Mina. Red Sea Wrecks Pt2

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This is my second post on this wreck. On this dive I was more familiar with the wreck and able to penetrate further inside and take a few more photos of the interior. With the right training, experience and equipment, it’s possible to get into a lot of areas of the El Mina.

For more information on the wreck, its’ history and the dive follow this Link to my first post on the El Mina.

This was my second dive on the El Mina, the first being back in 2009. There doesn’t seem to have been much in the way of deterioration of the wreck, though there didn’t seem to be as much sea life on it this time, I put that down to the two other groups that were on the wreck before us, some of which seemed to be flapping about like wounded fish. Visibility was down to 10-…

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