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Smell Like an Egyptian King

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So, I have had an immense fascination with ancient Egypt since I was ten years old.

Chillin’ out at Saqqara.

And to me, nothing captures the imagination like the story of King Tut and his incredible tomb. I just read that they discovered preserved perfume among all his goodies and were able to figure out its composition. The ingredients are still available today, so it is possible to recreate the scent. Here it is:

King Tut Perfume Recipe 

  • One quarter cup coconut oil [in place of animal fat that was used]

  • 6 drops of essential oil of spikenard

  • 6 drops of essential oil of frankincense

Source. It supposedly has a complex and musky aroma. It’s interesting how a plant that grows in the Nepal and India region (spikenard) ended up being used as perfume for royalty in Egypt. Anyway, now you can create a batch and walk around pretending…

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