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Examining comedic program taking hiatus

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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi assumed power in 2012 and most Egyptians saw his election as a turning-of-the-leaf, or at least they hoped that’s what would happen. And in a statement issued in early April, Morsi made a step in the right direction, saying he respects journalists’ rights.

Morsi’s office released the statement in response to some rumors concerning popular satirist Bassem Youssef, who has his own television program.

Here’s a quick video of Youssef being interviewed on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show:

Youssef’s brand of humor, which attracts millions of viewers across the country, is viewed as somewhat of a Saturday Night Live type of program, in which the comic pokes fun at politicians, among others.

This is an excerpt of Morsi’s statement:

The presidency has not filed any complaint against stand-up comedian Bassem Youssef … the current well-publicized claims were initiated by citizens rather than the presidency.

The rumors…

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