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Mafeesh Mushkella

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Mafeesh Mushkella
When I travel, I always try to learn as much words and phrases of the local language as possible in that short period of time. And there are always some phrases that keep repeating in conversations. And when you recognize their meaning it almost feels like you have a special talent … As if you have somehow become a part of that little world. Same was with this Egyptian/Arabic phrase “mafeesh mushkella”. Egyptian version of “hakuna matata” meaning “no problem, no worries”. It popped up in every situation and opened many doors to us. Everything is “mafeesh mushkella” in Egypt. To me it was a symbol of people’s laid back mentality there. It is also the best phrase to describe our 2-weeks’ stay in April in this history-rich country. Despite the country’s political unrest, with media covering only bad news, we literally had “mafeesh mushkella” – no problems.

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