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Rain !

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Musings from Hurghada

StormI had a pretty amazing day today.  It rained !  Now, that may not sound particularly amazing, but I haven’t seen rain since I left Australia and here on the Red Sea it rains very, very rarely.  The last time it rained in Hurghada it was October 2011 !

The weather has been overcast and very humid for the past 3 days.  We got a small sprinkling of rain yesterday for about a minute, but today it rained properly.  The photo’s I took from our second floor balcony are not very good and don’t really show the storm very well, unfortunately.

Because it almost never rains here, the roads aren’t built with drainage so the streets filled up like swimming pools.  There is damage to the ceiling on the second floor of our villa because the rain collected on the roof and had nowhere to go.  The international terminal at…

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