Sahl hasheesh the new Egyptian Rivera

China to demolish full-size Sphinx replica after Egypt complains @MailOnline


Egypt Claim Gold at CAVB U21 Beach Cup in Mozambique


2014 CAVB U21 Beach Cup

Egypt Men’s U21 Beach

Volleyball team won the gold medal of the 2014 CAVB U21 Beach Cup following their thrilling victory over hosts Mozambique in the competition held at Costa do Sol Beach in Maputo, Mozambique this weekend.

 The competition featured three teams who played a round robin tournament with Egypt meeting hosts Mozambique in the final match.

The first Service of the competition was served by the Minister of Sport Mr Fernando Sunbana Jr and observed by Mr Khalid Cassam Mozambique Volleyball Federation President.

First Service of the competition being made by the Ministry of Sport Mr Fernando Sunbana Jr being observed by Mr Khalid Cassam Moz Volleybal Preside

Mozambique v Zimbabwe 2-0 (21-12, 21-15)

Mozambique start back 0-3 on the first set but quickly recovery based on the good services and attack of the players winning the set by 21-12 and the second set by 21-15.

Zimbabwe v Egypt 0-2 (17-21, 14-21)

Once again the Zimbabwean team lost by 2-0 where Egypt used their experience and power to…

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` As Voting Began in Cairo a Home-Made Bomb Explodes and Hits One of the Polling Stations ‘

Ace News Services

#AceNewsServices – CAIRO – May 26 – A powerful blast has hit one of the polling stations on the first day of presidential elections in Egypt.

Photos by Ali Omar , AFP

Local TV reports that a self-made explosive device went off in the city of El-Mahalla El-Kubra (80 km from Cairo, Gharbia Governorate).

(Daily Star) – Reported as voting began, a home-made bomb exploded outside a polling station in the city of El-Mahalla El-Kubra, north of Cairo, state TV reported.

Reported by (Daily News Egypt) A handmade bomb exploded Tuesday morning on the first day of the referendum on the constitutional draft by Giza’s Imbaba courthouse.

“The bomb exploded at around 7am, and shattered the glass of the shops across the street including my kiosk, along with the glass of cars parked near the court ,” said Sayed Ramadan, kiosk owner.

No casualties or injured have been reported so…

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Rain !

Musings from Hurghada

StormI had a pretty amazing day today.  It rained !  Now, that may not sound particularly amazing, but I haven’t seen rain since I left Australia and here on the Red Sea it rains very, very rarely.  The last time it rained in Hurghada it was October 2011 !

The weather has been overcast and very humid for the past 3 days.  We got a small sprinkling of rain yesterday for about a minute, but today it rained properly.  The photo’s I took from our second floor balcony are not very good and don’t really show the storm very well, unfortunately.

Because it almost never rains here, the roads aren’t built with drainage so the streets filled up like swimming pools.  There is damage to the ceiling on the second floor of our villa because the rain collected on the roof and had nowhere to go.  The international terminal at…

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New on 500px : Rainy day in Egypt by ginaups by ginaups

Mafeesh Mushkella

Karma's Textbook

Mafeesh Mushkella
When I travel, I always try to learn as much words and phrases of the local language as possible in that short period of time. And there are always some phrases that keep repeating in conversations. And when you recognize their meaning it almost feels like you have a special talent … As if you have somehow become a part of that little world. Same was with this Egyptian/Arabic phrase “mafeesh mushkella”. Egyptian version of “hakuna matata” meaning “no problem, no worries”. It popped up in every situation and opened many doors to us. Everything is “mafeesh mushkella” in Egypt. To me it was a symbol of people’s laid back mentality there. It is also the best phrase to describe our 2-weeks’ stay in April in this history-rich country. Despite the country’s political unrest, with media covering only bad news, we literally had “mafeesh mushkella” – no problems.

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Apartment Photos

Apartment Photos.

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